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Friday, December 17th 2010

10:06 PM

Now sharing the Pilgrimage notes, by George Florian Walter, from 2010!

See the BOX FILES, on this page, for downloading (and viewing) the PDF file(s)!!!
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Tuesday, August 24th 2010

11:00 PM

Update of August 17th, 2010

Peace in Jesus the Lord!
Greetings from Cameron, Texas.  Today, August 17, is the seventh day in a row when the temperatures have gone over 100 degrees.  But the Lord continues to get me the water, ice, shade and rides I need to keep on track.  Last weekend I had a wonderful celebration of Mary's Assumption into heaven at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Temple, TX: the pastor had me speak at all four Masses on Sunday. Next weekend I hope to be in Bryan, TX, and meet up with friends of friends.  Then the following Saturday I should be back in Corrigan, TX, where friends will take me to the Houston airport to fly back to Pittsburgh on September 1.  See you at Mount St. Macrina on the Labor Day Weekend. - In Jesus, Mary and Joseph - Pilgrim George
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Wednesday, July 28th 2010

3:26 PM

Update July 27, 2010

Greetings from Lamesa, Texas - yes the Lord got me safely through 600 miles of New Mexico and now I am back in the Lone Star State, with 600 miles to go to get back to Houston - all is going well thanks be to God, here in the desert of the south west - the hospitality is wonderful and the Mexican food delicious - looking forward to seeing you at Mount Saint Macrina - In Jesus, Mary and Joseph - Pilgrim George
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Thursday, June 10th 2010

4:07 PM

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Message from Pilgrim George (Thursday, June 10, 2010):

"Rachel - Peace in Jesus - this photo was taken of me June 8 here in the Panhandle of Texas - all is well thanks be to God - tomorrow I should be crossing over into New Mexico" - Pilgrim George
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Thursday, June 10th 2010

4:03 PM

SLIDESHARE/Facebook users

For anyone who uses Facebook, there is a group..also called, "A Pilgrim for Christ".  It's located at: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=164859287534

There's also a slideshare application that goes to a location where you can view some of Pilgrim George's journals and itineraries (past and present). 


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Thursday, November 5th 2009

10:53 AM

Join us on Facebook!!!


Come sign up and join the group! 




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Tuesday, September 8th 2009

4:50 PM

article, from Pilgrimage 2009 - Morgantown, WV



Sunday September 6, 2009

Pilgrim George walks to share God's word

by The Associated Press

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- Pilgrim George sits in the tiny kitchen of the rectory of Father Mojmir Zalcik of Saint Mary's Orthodox Church in Westover. Zalcik pulls a steaming bowl of Haluski -- a Slovakian dish of fried noodles -- and a chicken leg from the microwave to serve to the pilgrim for lunch.

George is taking a short break on a four-month-long trek. He's on the final leg and hopes to be at his destination -- Uniontown, Pa. -- by Monday.

Pilgrim George begins eating and Zalcik pets his dog as the two strangers converse about the times they crossed paths in life without knowing it.

There are several "you were there, then?'' and exclamations of "you knew him?'' as the two realize they have mutual friends.

There is even some theological discussion over Genesis 3:15 (the verse that talks of good vs. evil) and the picture that hangs around Pilgrim George's neck.

The picture is of baby Jesus being held by his mother Mary. The picture is not the only feature that is predominant with the Roman Catholic pilgrim. He has a long, white beard that he said he realizes leads some people to call him Moses. His patchwork robe is made of denim; one that he can replace while on the road.

Zalcik is from the Czech Republic and came to Westover three years ago. He still speaks with a heavy accent. But that doesn't slow the two down.

The two discuss how they ended up where they are. Both say they received a call from God. For Zalcik it was to become pastor of St. Mary's; for Pilgrim George it is walking the Earth.

"If he gives you a call,'' Pilgrim George said, "He gives you the means to fulfill it.'' Zalcik is one of the people who has helped Pilgrim George fulfill his call, by providing food to the self-described man of poverty.

Pilgrim George -- whose birth name is George Walter -- walks across different parts of the United States every summer. He ends his journey every year at Mount Saint Macrina Monastery in Uniontown for Labor Day.

He spends about four months walking and then spends the other months inside his home at the Holy Trinity Monastery in Butler, Pa.

The monastery had a vacant house and the officials there permit Pilgrim George to stay there even though he is not a member of the monastery.

On Tuesday, Pilgrim George walked through the Morgantown area. He said was in the area three years ago. He began walking in 1971, after arriving in Jerusalem at the end of a 4,000-mile hike. Before then, he was in seminary training to become a Catholic priest. The 68-year-old said that in Jerusalem he received his call from God telling him he should walk all over the world. And he's been doing that ever since.

Pilgrim George said he walks from sunup to sundown and usually covers eight to 10 miles a day. Jesus walked the earth and Pilgrim George said he walks to "lift Jesus up.'' It is part of God's plan, and he will continue to do so until he gets a new message, he said.

"Till Jesus comes back or takes me home,'' Pilgrim George said, "whichever comes first.''

Page 2

Pilgrim George he said he wants people to take notice of his walking stick -- a large cross atop a long rod -- more than to see him.

He carved the rod near the Cave of Elijah on Mount Sinai 10 years ago.

"The cross is what I hope they see first,'' Pilgrim George said. The cross is the reason he is walking, and he wants people to notice it and get its message, Pilgrim George said. But, it's hard not to notice the man carrying the cross. From his long flowing beard to patchwork clothing to the bags of supplies he carries, he is a head-turner for many motorists.

Many motorists moved over to give him room to walk along U.S. 19 on Tuesday morning. Others slowed and watched out their car windows as they passed. A few even stopped to take pictures, for which Pilgrim George gladly posed.

In his 31 years of walking, Pilgrim George said he has never been hit by a car or had to visit the hospital while walking. When he sees a car, Pilgrim George said he prays for the driver. He also prays for everybody who crosses his path each day.

Occasionally, Pilgrim George said he gets harassed by motorists or other pedestrians will yell things at him. Pilgrim George said this does not deter him, he doesn't take offense to it because they have not seen God's message yet. Sometimes, police will show up to ask him what he is doing, Pilgrim George said. Most of the time, it is because someone has called them.

"Most of the time, they want to make sure I haven't escaped from a mental hospital or have Alzheimer's,'' Pilgrim George said. He said he doesn't let those questions bother him, because people only go by what they see and the stereotypes they have formed.

During his walks, Pilgrim George said he is completely dependent on the kindness of strangers. He carries no money and only a handful of snacks, such as nuts. Many times strangers offer him bottled water or hot meals, Pilgrim George said.

Some will occasionally offer him a place to stay, but most nights he spends in a tent that he pitches in a quiet, secluded place along his path.

Pilgrim George said his favorite part of walking is the chance to meet people.

"Looking into the eyes and seeing the soul of the brothers and sisters of Christ,'' Pilgrim George said. "In other words, you see genuine love.''

One of those people he came across Tuesday was Zalcik. While walking through Westover, Pilgrim George reached the Dollar General. Zalcik was waiting for him.

Zalcik said he saw the man while he was driving and had to find out what he was all about. That's when he invited George to join him for lunch and a tour of his church.

"It's a revelation,'' said Zalcik, moments after Pilgrim George left Zalcik's church to continue his journey. "You don't meet people everyday like him.

"I won't forget him,'' Zalcik said. "Not now, not in the future

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Monday, September 7th 2009

9:22 AM

PILGRIM GEORGE concludes 2009 Pilgrimage at Mount Saint Macrina!



My son, Levi, rushes to assist Pilgrim George in lighting his processional candle (Annual Pilgrimage, Mount Saint Macrina, Labor Day Weekend/Sunday 2009)

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Monday, August 31st 2009

10:39 PM



HOLY MAN WALKS THROUGH CALHOUN - Pilgrim George's Footprints Have Covered 40,000 Miles

"A pilgrim is at home everywhere, and nowhere is his home,"
said Pilgrim George, as he walked through Calhoun this week

By Bob Weaver

He was an apparition on the Calhoun landscape, a Moses-looking man walking down US 33-119 at Millstone, wearing his long patchwork robe on a hot summer day and his sandals made of tire tread, held together by bolts and wire.

We stopped to inquire of his presence to discover Pilgrim George.

The humble, soft-spoken man has been on walking pilgrimages over three decades, traveling about 40,000 miles, literally walking around the world.

He doesn’t carry money in his three sacks, simply water, dried fruit, nuts and a tent. He doesn't want worldly belongings, but does accept the generosity of people be meets along the highway.

Pilgrim George's staff was carved by the cave of the prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel, and has been to holy places - Nazareth, Bethlehem and Calvary.

Pilgrim George shares faded photos of early pilgrimages
to Mexico (left) and meeting Pope John Paul II in 1996 (right)

We drove to the Sand Ridge church to spend a little time, telling him the story about the Polings building the round church, "so the devil could find no place to hide."

This year's walk is taking him from Pittsburgh to Alabama and back.

Internet websites say people who have encountered Pilgrim George have a sense that it was ordained by God, not just sheer chance.

The Holy Man said three people had stopped to inquire of his presence in Calhoun, and one bought him a soda at Arnoldsburg.

"I stayed last night in Spencer. People who pass by often want a photograph and a little visit," he said.

The 69-year-old George Walters says his steps are those of faith, and his purpose is in lifting the name of Jesus as he walks along the highways of the world.

He dropped from studying to be a priest, saying "There was something missing. I had knowledge but I lacked faith."

On his walking pilgrimage while in America's Rocky Mountains, he said "I discovered why I'm here on earth, that I am God's creation, a part of the magnificent."

"Being a child of God became real," he said.

In 1958 he walked to Guadalupe, Mexico with a mule, and later walked to the Holy Land, with a a few lifts across water. In 1996, he met the late Pope John Paul II.


A Holy-land pilgrimage

He said "My first pilgrimage was in 1970 when I walked from Barcelona Spain to Jerusalem. I’ve been in 41 countries and walked over 39,000 miles."

When asked about the most trying times on his journeys, he said one time he was stoned in Israel and was struck over the head from behind by a mentally-ill youth in California.

Pilgrim George leaves footprints on the land that he traverses, but also on the hearts of people along the way.

"Being a child of God became real" - Pilgrim George

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Tuesday, August 11th 2009

4:45 PM

Update from Pilgrim George, Spencer, West Virginia

The photo of my companion walker is of Greg Haas who walked with me for five days and did very well considering he was not feeling well and it rained.  I met him at St. Meinrad, Indiana, last year, and he has become a close friend.

I am sending this from Clendenin, West Virginia.  I'm still on Route 119 and heading for Spencer, WV, where I want to spend the weekend at the Franciscan Appalachian Hermitage.  I am now only about 200 miles from Mt. St. Macrina.  I'm looking down the home stretch.
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Tuesday, August 4th 2009

2:36 PM

Update from Pilgrim George, in Pikeville, Kentucky

...."I am writing this from the library in Pikeville, KY, on August 3, as the rain pours down outside (an hour ago a man stopped an gave me a new umbrella in lieu of the predicted rain - a first).  Last night a man stopped at the end of the day and offered me a place to stay so I slept in his camper in his back yard and I had a wonderful home cooked meal.  I am still in the buckle of the Bible Belt so the hospitality and interest is at its peak.  Tomorrow I should be crossing over into West Virginia and a friend from Evansville, IN, plans to walk with me for three days.  I am on US Route 119 and that will take me all the way to Mt St. Macrina.  I have now passed the half way mark from Alabama to Pennsylvania...."
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Saturday, July 25th 2009

11:56 PM


In a message from Pilgrim George, he writes:



..."The Lord got me a new tent for my birthday (a week early): my old one was leaking profusely (after 15 years and being put up and down 1,500 times, is it any wonder?).  I am sending this from Tazewell TN and tomorrow should cross back into Kentucky.  The Lord continues to give me many opportunities to witness...."


Pilgrim George's birthday is July 25th (today)!

God bless Pilgrim George and a very happy birthday!!!!  God grant him many more, blessed, happy, and healthy years!  Mnohaja l'ita, blahaja l'ita, mnohaja, blahaja l'ita.  Vo zdraviji i spaseniji, mnohaja, blahaja, l'ita!

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Saturday, July 25th 2009

5:33 PM

July 25th, 2009 - Update from Pilgrim George

On his birthday, Pilgrim George writes:

"....Today is my 68th birthday and I am in Pineville, Kentucky, planning to go to mass at the tiny Catholic Church mission here tomorrow morning at 9 am.  Then I pick up the beginning of Route 119 that will take me all the way to Mt. St. Macrina - God willing."....

God Bless Pilgrim George today, in a special way, and always! 

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Friday, July 17th 2009

9:28 AM

July 16, 2009 update

Pilgrim George sent me a note.  He is in Kingston, Tennessee and is making his way back north.  He writes, "...I am making my way back north.  We had a big rain storm last night but the Lord kept me safe even in my leaky tent.  This morning a 71 year old lady by the name of Jackie picked me up and brought me into town.  The Lord continues to provide and sustain."
God bless and protect Pilgrim as he returns to Pennsylvania (Uniontown, PA) for the Otpust! 
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Friday, July 3rd 2009

11:53 AM

Fred Williams ,of Kentucky, meets Pilgrim George

Met you in Corbin, Ky. , I think it was in June 2009. It was a blessing to talk to you. I'm attaching the picture  my wife took of you and me. May God bless you on your journeys for Him. Like you said,"I'll see you at the end of the journey".


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Monday, June 29th 2009

8:01 AM

Pilgrim arrives at Shrine in Alabama

By the grace of God I have reached the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angels in Hanceville, Alabama.  It is beautiful.  I arrived on Saturday, June 27.  I did not realize till I got here that it was the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help: like the icon I wear around my neck.  Our Lady has everything well arranged.
The Knights of the Blessed Sacrament have given me wonderful hospitality and I am staying with them till Wednesday, July 1st, when I will set out back north towards Mount St. Macrina, after a Solemn Pontifical Latin High Mass in the Temple of the Most Blessed Sacrament where Mother Angelica's nuns keep perpetual adoration before the exposed Blessed Sacrament.
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Monday, June 22nd 2009

11:06 PM

Pilgrim's Update

Peace in Jesus!
"Greetings from Winchester, Tennessee.  Tomorrow I should be crossing over into Alabama.  All is going well, although it is very hot (98 degrees yesterday) and the ticks are bad.  The hospitality has been tremendous....."
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Tuesday, June 2nd 2009

10:36 PM

Kentucky newspaper article

url:  http://www.journal-times.com/local/local_story_149105701.html

Walking for the Lord

By Tonia Rose, staff writer

May 27, 2009 — He doesn’t carry money or food – just simply water and a tent.

Folks traveling along U.S. 60 Monday might have wondered who he is and why he was wearing peculiar clothing in the sweltering temperatures.

George Walters, known to most as Pilgrim George, has begun his 2009 May through August pilgrimage from Pennsylvania to Alabama.

The humble 69-year-old looks like Moses and certainly dresses like Moses. He is a man of God who sports a long patchwork robe made of white denim and sandals made of tire tread, held together by bolts and wire.

Along his journey Monday, George was spotted trekking very slowly up Cribs Hill in Carter County. While heading toward Sandy Hook, he stopped for a few minutes to talk about his mission that began 39 years ago and about his family.

“There is the body of the church and I am the feet,” he commented while standing alongside U.S. 60. “I am here to lift up Jesus. Those who must leave their family for the sake of the kingdom will get a larger family, the body of believers. My family is the family of God.”

Held tightly in his hand, a uniquely carved staff that George said was cut by the cave of the prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel in Israel.

“This staff has been placed on all holy places -– Nazareth, Bethlehem and Calvary,” he described while holding the staff high.

Strapped around his neck were several white denim pouches and bags weighing over 40 pounds. Inside those bags, his necessities – a Bible, blanket, a few other small items and needles and thread for on-the-road repairs.

George left Butler, Pennsylvania May 4 and plans to reach Hanceville, Alabama, June 27.

“My first pilgrimage was in 1970 when I walked from Barcelona Spain to Jerusalem,” he said. “I’ve been in 41 countries and walked over 39,000 miles. I am a disciple for Jesus.”

Although George is without food and money, he never fears starvation or safety.

“Only God knows where I will lay down my head each night,” he said. “As for food, I am fed daily. Folks along the way take care of me. God makes sure I receive nourishment. This morning I was treated to Dairy Queen by Pastor Clell Lucas.”

While walking four months out of the year, George admits to being a hermit the other eight months. “The last three years I’ve stayed at a monastery in Pennsylvania,” he said. “The people there gave me a house to live in and that’s where I hermit myself until time for the next year’s pilgrimage.”

However, George does enjoy a bit of modern technology, while reading his e-mails at libraries along his journey.

His yearly pilgrimage will end Aug. 29 at Mount St. Marcina in Pennsylvania. It’s a place where thousands of Byzantine Catholics from across America have gathered over the past 74 years for a Labor Day weekend of prayer, teachings, fellowship and food.

For those intrigued enough to stop and say hello to George, don’t be surprised by a firm, friendly handshake – and possibly a blessing. To read more about Pilgrim George’s journey visit www.421kolorae.bravejournal.com.


May 24 – Huntsville, W.Va.

June 7 – Williamsburg, Ky.

June 21 – Winchester, Tenn.

June 26 – Cullman, Ala. (Ave Maria Grotto)

June 27 – Hanceville. Ala. (Our Lady of Angels Monastery)


July 12 – Dayton, Tenn.

July 19 – Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Aug. 2 – Spencer, W.Va

Aug. 15 Spencer, W.Va.

Aug. 29 – Uniontown, Penn. (Mount Saint Macrina)

Pilgrim George has begun his 2009 May through August pilgrimage from Pennsylvania to Alabama. He was spotted along U.S. 60 at Cribbs Hill in Carter County Monday and stopped in at the Grayson Journal Enquirer for lunch and to read his e-mails
photo/Tonia Rose / Journal-Times

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Tuesday, June 2nd 2009

10:31 PM

Message of June 1st, 2009

Pilgrim sent a note from Booneville (he says "yes, of Daniel Boone fame"), Kentucky on June 1st.  He further writes, "it is the half way point to my destination in Hanceville, Alabama.  A man by the name of Jack went out of his way to bring me here and then brought me lunch and a drink.  This are has been flooded out and has been declared a disaster area so that there is a lot of cleanup work being done."  He continues, "Last Sunday I was at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in West Liberty: it serves three whole counties and still has only 35 registered members; this is still "Appalachia area" which is usually associated with West Virginia.  All is going well."......


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Thursday, May 14th 2009

12:03 AM

Pilgrim George's Update

"The Lord has got me off to a good start on Pilgrimage 2009.  After Divine Liturgy and a special blessing for pilgrims by Abbot Leo, I left Holy Trinity Monastery on Monday, May 4.  With the help of a number of rides I got to Franciscan University in Steubenville for my 4 pm appointment with Father Michael Scanlon on Thursday, May 7.  I was able to meet up with friends from New Hampshire the next day and got to Saturday evening Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral in Wheeling West Virginia.  I am continuing down State Highway 7 in Ohio along the beautiful Ohio River and am sending this from a library in the river town of Matarmoras.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers.
Yesterday a reporter from the weekly (Wednesday) newspaper in  New Martinsville WV took a picture and some facts.  I think we discussed before that I do not have many shrines to visit this summer: only two, both near each other in Alabama.  But they may make up for all the rest from what I hear....."
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